We interrupt this Castle Quest to bring you important news of a certain OU Latin module result:


I can’t believe it! I’m over the moon, and just celebrating with a few glasses of Prosecco…

So all the hard slog, the intensive work, the litres of midnight oil burned and the weeks of revision paid off.

Its wonderful news for me, and I just wanted to share it with all my blogging friends who lent me support and encouragement through teh worst bits of the stress. Thanks for all your kind worms, and a bif ‘cheers’ to everyone!

I’m just going to hav another glass or bobbles. Or something…

See you all tomoerrow for some great castle expluring. Yay!

Here’s to Latin – the Lingua Franca of the Muddle Ages!

42 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH!

    • Thanks Kev. The way my head feels this morning, I’m not sure what the Latin is for that either! English is just fine – and thank you. Looking forward to comparing notes on OU study next year.

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  1. Brilliant! That’s great news Alli – and very well deserved. I should imagine that you’ll be able to run up Mt Snowden today.
    At least I can start uncrossing everything now at last 🙂

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    • Thanks John! I’ve really been enjoying Loxley during my downtime moments. Nice to be reading a medieval story whilst being on a medieval Quest! 🙂

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      • Thank you, Alli. Must say the OU does interesting things these days. Never went further back than the Enlightenment in my day.


      • I was half hoping you’d be calling at Beaumaris… haven’t been in there for too many decades to mention and there are eels in the moat 😉
        Really well done, though…not that I ever doubted. You are too passionate about your subject to fail 😉 x

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      • Oh bless you, Sue. Thanks. 🙂
        I love Beaumaris, and it’s where the story came to and end, so it’s a fitting place to finish and complete the Quest. I didn’t know there were eels in the moat though… wow. I’ll have a look for them. 🙂


    • Thanks David! I can see it was worth it now… especially with a glass of bubbles in my hand! Hope you’re having a good summer. 🙂


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