NEWS FLASH! Celebrating a Degree of Success…

I’m officially on holiday in Northumberland at the moment, so I’m not supposed to be blogging at all. However, I’ve had a bit of news that I wasn’t expecting until after we got back, and I wanted to share it with my lovely blogging friends who have shown me some very welcome encouragement and support over the past few study-laden years.

The result from my final module and dissertation has come through and I got:


Then, to my absolute dismay, I got another email with my overall degree classification, which I can barely believe is:


Try as I might – even with the aid of copious amounts of Prosecco – I can’t make the news sink in. I keep thinking I must have got someone else’s result by mistake and mine will limp home with its tail between its legs some time later. So I guess it’ll just dawn on me gradually over time, but it’ll be fun waiting for that to happen because this outcome is more than I could ever have dreamed of…

I’d like to thank all my blogging friends for their kind words and support, especially during the hardest times (mainly over the past eighteen months, of course) and give huge thanks to my wonderful tutors and long-suffering family, who all believed in me more than I ever did – and probably still do…

And I’ll see you again soon with tales of medieval Northumberland!

Alli Templeton, B.A. (Hons), Arts & Hum (History), First Class Honours

39 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH! Celebrating a Degree of Success…

    • Thanks, Kev! Seems strange to have finished at the OU now, but I think a break from studying will do me good. Hope the rest of your degree goes well.

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  1. That’s what I got on my OU degree when I finished it about 10 years ago – I was pretty surprised too. But I knew you’d do well and am very, very delighted for you! Well done! 🙂

    Now, enjoy the rest of your well-earned holiday!

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    • Thanks Carol, and very well done to you too. I hadn’t realised quite how much I needed a holiday, so am enjoying every minute up here. Off to Lindisfarne shortly, and taking in lots of lovely castles and coast. So thanks again, and we’ll catch up when we get back. 🙂


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